About Us

On July 27, 2009 our founder, Milton Mann, passed away from his final stroke. We will all miss him. You can still visit him at: http://miltonmann.blogspot.com

We have moved to smaller facilities and do not manufacture any floor model machines. Replacement parts, product support and some coders are still available. By 2011 pizza box presses will be available from Global Paper, Montreal, Canada.

For 63 years we were:

Designers and manufacturers of in-plant flexographic printing presses for blister cards, chipboard sheets and boxes, multiwall bags, corrugated sheets and boxes, sizes from 1"x1" to 62" x 62". Will print logos, variable information and bar codes.
Our machines can print over your stock of pre-printed, varnished blister cards.
Suppliers of flexographic inks for every application.
Full range of web printers, flexographic and capillary systems.
Coders. Hand operated and motorized
Removable rubber type, rubber and photo polymer dies
Table top indenting machine with removable steel type.(Also called "debossing" machines)
Box and sheet transports for use with ink jet systems, labelers and any equipment requiring automatic feeding.