Printing Presses

Mdl. CB1182FL
Chipboard & Blister Card Printer

For imprinting all variables and scannable bar codes on folding cartons and blister cards at speeds up to 125 per minute.

  • Flexographic Ink system
  • Interlock on the ink cover
  • Infra-red activated predetermined counter with memory
  • Adjustable exit catcher
  • Adjustable vertical input hopper
  • Speed control with slo-start mechanism
  • Floor Model

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Optional Features
  • Various extra safety features
  • Can be customized to handle size up to 21"x55"

  • Standard machine handles from 2 3/8"x4 5/8" to 21"x25"
  • Handles thickness as low as .009"
  • Standard voltage is 120v. 1 phase.(also available in other 1 phase voltages)
  • Print speeds of up to 125 items per minute.
Additional CB1182FL Features
  • Will produce impressions in any area at 1/32"

  • Will receive rubber type in natural and synthetic compositions, and takes printing mats in photopolymer materials. Individual type sections provided where needed for receiving letters and numbers for dates, lot numbers or other changeable identifications.

  • Many intricate die-cuts can be fed through the machine. Automatic bottoms and multi-layered areas of the container accommodated by tilting the print cylinder. Minute changes in print locations can be made while machine is running. Grid lines on print cylinder will determine die locations once the first run through occurs. Locking and unlocking of the print cylinder quickly brings the adjustments in line.

  • All ink rollers are geared to the main gear on the print cylinder for continuous good printing and it affords the user quick clean-ups in less than 5 minutes. Algene Inks in all colors are available.

Every Algene Press is specially built and designed to accomodate the full range of cartons of each individual plant. A complete description of your requirements and operational background will enable us to make our evaluation for recommending the right Algene Press.