Printing Presses

FB64 Series Flat Box Press

Our FB64 series flat box presses come in a large range of sizes and configurations to suite your specific needs. These machines are easy to operate and maintain. They can be continuously loaded as they run. The standard machines come with knob adjusted rollers for fast and accurate changes from printing thin materials to printing of thicker materials. With the Cosco die mounting system you can change a printing plate in 1 minute! Ink pan drains are now a standard item also. We also can supply you with many different types of ink for any type of printing job. For instance, our TP ink can stay in the ink pan for up to one week without daily clean-up.

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Reduce your inventory of preprinted boxes.

Print your boxes & sheets on demand.
Now you can print your boxes and sheets in your own plant with this simple to operate flexographic printing press. It is available in one or two colors printing on one side or both sides in one pass.

  • Cosco Die Mounting System
  • Ink Pan drains
  • Magnetic Starter Box
  • 1,2 or more colors!
  • Modular construction

Optional Features
  • Variable speed motor
  • Totalizing counter
  • Predetermined counter with electric eye.
  • Anilox ink rollers for fine printing(like bar codes)
  • Cut-off attachment
  • Motorized Take-off attachment
  • Can be customized to handle size up to 60"x72"
  • Standard machine handles from 7"x7" to 30"x33"
  • Standard voltage is 230/440 3 phase.(also avail. in 120, 208 and 575 volts)
  • Print speeds of up to 60 items per minute.

Every Algene Press is specially built and designed to accomodate the full range of cartons of each individual plant. A complete description of your requirements and operational background will enable us to make our evaluation for recommending the right Algene Press.