Printing Press Options

  Extra Ink Pans
Description: All ink pans now have drains(except table top machines) with hoses for easy ink removal.
  Counter, regular electronic with photoelectric eye.
Description: This is a totalizing digital counter.
  Counter, predetermined with photoelectric eye
Description: This counter will automatically stop the machine when a preset number of boxes is printed.
  Electronic variable speed control with slow start
This feature is necessary for all machines with a 14" diameter or larger print drum.
  Accumulating conveyor
Description: This is variable speed, shingling conveyor, that is used to accumulate the printed boxes for easy handling. The conveyor can either be in line or at a right angle to the press.
  Warpage control system Type #1
Description: This system enables the Flat Box Press, FB64 series, to feed warped sheets. This system will not work for twist warp.
  Warpage control system Type #2
Description: This unique system enables the Flat Box Press, FB64 series, to feed regular warped and twist warped sheets
  Disconnect switch with lockout
This will come with presses that have electronic variable speed control. Also available on all machines
  Extra emergency stop buttons installed
Please specify if you want maintained or momentary stop buttons.
  Safety interlocks on the ink pan covers
Description: This prevents the press from being started if the ink pan cover is not closed.
  Jam-up stop system
Description: This system will automatically stop the press if it senses a jam-up.
  European safety standards
Description: This includes: Hinged clear Lexan (polycarbonate) covers, with safety interlock, for the top print drum. Extra emergency (maintained) stop buttons on all sides of the press. Safety interlock system for the hopper. The box gate is completely covered with clear Lexan plastic.
  Heavy duty casters
Description: Press is on four heavy duty casters.
  Stainless steel pick-up ink rollers
Magnetic die print drums
Description: The print drums (plate cylinder) are made so that they will work with magnetic dies.
  Anilox lead ink rollers
Description: TThese are engraved chrome plated or ceramic coated steel rollers that produce a very fine print quality. They are a must for printing bar codes.
  Ink pumps
Description: These are peristaltic pumps that continuously circulate ink through the ink pan. They are adjustable speed and reversible for easy ink removal. There will be no need to monitor the ink level in the ink pans when using these pumps, it is all done automatically.