Printing Presses

Models PB1023 / PB1023-2
Heavy Duty Chipboard Printer

Print at speeds from 85 pieces per minute and up in high quality and excellent register on large and small sheets, folding boxes, blister cards, posters, die-cuts and PIZZA BOXES OF ALL SIZES

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  • PB1023 (One color)
  • PB1023-2 (Two color)
  • Flexographic Ink system
  • Speed Control with slo-start mechanism
  • Predetermined counter
  • SURE-FIRE feed mechanism
  • Floor Model

Optional Features
  • Various extra safety features
  • Can be customized to handle size up to 51"x55"

  • Standard machine handles from 5 1/2"x8 1/4" to 32"x33"
  • Handles thickness as low as .009"
  • Standard voltage is 120v. 1 phase.(also available in 220v. and 440v. 3 phase)
  • Print speeds of up to 85 items per minute.
Additional PB1023/PB1023-2 Features
  • Print designs, trademarks, large and small characters and verifiable BAR and UPC codes.

  • Solid areas covered with small characters in reverse type clearly and sharply done.

  • SURE-FIRE feed mechanism for straight or warped sheets. High precision feeder up to 14" in length with fine adjustable pusher blades accommodating thickness from .015" to 1/2" (this feeder uses less power than vacuum feed with much less maintenance and adjustment)

  • Print cylinders can be turned and locked into position for printing plate location. A separate fine registration adjuster is provided for relocation of print while the machine is in motion.
  • Any kind of liquid ink may be used. Fountains and ink rollers can be removed within 40 seconds. Wash-up is very rapid.
    Algene can recommend the right ink for your application.

Every Algene Press is specially built and designed to accomodate the full range of cartons of each individual plant. A complete description of your requirements and operational background will enable us to make our evaluation for recommending the right Algene Press.